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@ctrlsquid The was the best and worst response I've gotten so far.

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Maybe it's just me but I like the Overwatch 2 souvenirs 🀷

I'm thinking about doing FOSS live-streams, where we build neat things on stream. Maybe couple it with a blog post tutorial.

I wrote one of the first tutorials I've written in a long time! I'm pretty proud of it. sneakycrow.dev/2022/11/26/sett.

I'm re-watching the first season of Mob Psycho. I forgot how hilarious the season 1 fights are

I need me more meme accounts to follow. I miss harddrive.net

I'm writing an about me section called "Hello World" where I will make sure to spread enough of the words "one" and "zero" through the piece to spell out Hello World in Binary.

I updated my website again today. I'm super happy with how the "design" is slowly coming together sneakycrow.dev/

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damn, it's that time of the year when the company that launches the glitchy games released yet another glitchy game

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Great programmers is how you end up with C.

Great people is how you end up with Rust.

Yo, got my blog generator working again today! Blog is back babyyyy sneakycrow.dev/blog.html

Googles: how to socialize as an adult

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@ctrlsquid @Mrfunkedude @monkeyborg yeah before then everyone looked like those things in paintings

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