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Do you run a Mastodon server? Do you want to customise your server's colour scheme?

You can change its colours quickly and easily using your server's "Custom CSS" feature, which is in the admin controls.

There's an excellent guide to doing this by @atomicpoet at:

➡️ blog.atomicpoet.org/s/huRYhaSo

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What if they gave Reinhardt an ability to spin his hammer around like a whirlwind

Why do people hate so much on the new reddit design? Beyond it just have annoying client-side loading, I find it to be considerably better. Maybe I'm missing something fundamental.

Saw this on reddit and it gave me a good giggle. I definitely would NEVER write an error like this /s

source: reddit.com/r/softwaregore/comm

I can't really explain, maybe it's just his energy frequency, but Rich Campbell always came off as very disingenuous to me

Man I really love Jabroney's investigative videos. I never really liked Rich's personality, but still sad to see youtube.com/watch?v=xogxV1Q39Q

Guitar lesson day! My favorite day of the week

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Normalize having seven boyfriends that live together in a tiny cottage, are named after their moods & follow you around with singing birds.

I'm honestly more embarrassed than anything else. I play way too many

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So mstdn.games has tons of server space right now available for new users! :1up:

We’re open and you’re invited to join at mstdn.games

We do ask that you please give us a quick reason why you’d like to join to help us combat bots. It also helps the Admin team get to know you a little bit! :Pika_hello: :ffxivmsq_comp:

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I love the dynamic nature of Overwatch matches. The difference in a game when hero composition changes is crazy.

But I think I've realized that the dynamic nature of it is also what makes it feel like a steam roll every other game.

I almost wonder if it's really just a problem of poorly teaching players or the game being simply too complicated for a casual audience.

I think it's about time I do one of these. My name is Zach, I'm a developer, with favoritism towards , , and . I work mostly in and .

I also love , I play , and I love to read .

I run my own personal instance for me and my friends called Cybr Egg.

Maybe a hot take, but I think Tolkien is a terrible storyteller. Great writer in general. Phenomenal world-builder. Crappy storyteller.

Oooh that new Jetbrains IDE UI update is criiiisp

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