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@ctrlsquid The was the best and worst response I've gotten so far.

@cadey I love this. I am setting up a new design on my website rn, but I will be sure to add my christmas version of my crow soon


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Maybe it's just me but I like the Overwatch 2 souvenirs 🤷

I'm thinking about doing FOSS live-streams, where we build neat things on stream. Maybe couple it with a blog post tutorial.

I wrote one of the first tutorials I've written in a long time! I'm pretty proud of it. sneakycrow.dev/2022/11/26/sett.

@oscarmlage I tend to agree. I do like diesel, but it's hard to compare it to something like Sequelize or Mongoose from the JS scene.

@BarryCarlyon Oh don't even get me started on the shit show that is the Patreon API. I'm building custom software for a client that uses it and I _hate_ it

I'm re-watching the first season of Mob Psycho. I forgot how hilarious the season 1 fights are

@catsalad no to the first...but yes to the second? :P

@brunoph I have tried to play that game so many times and every time just become exhausted by the amount of controls.
I get the appeal but I cannot commit enough time to learn the basics, takes too long. I'm impatient, lol.

@cadey I really appreciated the depth of the review. It inspired me to look into writing my own game & book reviews on my own blog, honestly

I need me more meme accounts to follow. I miss harddrive.net

I'm writing an about me section called "Hello World" where I will make sure to spread enough of the words "one" and "zero" through the piece to spell out Hello World in Binary.

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