Today I cut the proverbial final string to my family. It was a souring relationship and it’s time for me to start my own family tree.
I legally changed my last name today to a totally new one. And I’d like to include the official first of my name will be here later this year

@Mrfunkedude idk, they’re not the greatest movies ever but if you’re bored on a Tuesday night they’re at the very least fun to watch

@LazyMoogle I upgraded to windows 11, and while I still prefer my Linux/macOS for most things, I will admit it’s the first time I’ve upgraded windows since Windows 7 and not regretted it

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My name is Zach! You can call me squid.

I've been making "software" since I was about 12 years old, starting by making websites for me and my friends to edit our in-game configs for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

I'm also a huge video game fan! I love to play old and new games, FPS, RPG, MMO, Casual, Indie, and whatever other genre. I also love making my own games (of course).

Lastly, I love music. I play guitar and synthesizers personally, but appreciate virtually everything.

If you don't think making UI is hard with plain CSS/JS I challenge you to making a Datepicker

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Did you know you can verify your account on Mastodon? It's free, privacy-friendly, based on open web standards, and available to everyone!

Sometimes my sentences don't make complete sense but they make enough sense and thats what matters

@pluralistic I don't know one off the top of my head, but that would be reasonably easy to make. Doable in an afternoon. Down to send me the document so I can write something? We can FOSS it and I'll host it on my website


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🦀 #RustQuiz

What will be the output?

A. X will give compilation error and Y will run

B. Both X and Y will run

C. Both X will run and Y will compilation error

D. X will give a runtime error and Y will run

#rustlang #crablang #rust

@AstraKernel Honestly, I love the syntax of A, B, and D. But none of them look valid to me? So...C? I genuinely hope I'm wrong!

Sometimes I forget I'm watching One Piece until a guy who wont show his face, fighting a samurai, and on top of a giant cake, turns into a Dinosaur

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I like to listen to music, play music, and watch youtube videos all at the same time and no one can stop me

@jameswynn Toad + medium character was my go to as well, I understand!

@jameswynn Ah yes, mario kart double dash. A racer of tastes.

Who is your go to combo?

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